Yasuto Namekawa           

Born in 1983 in Ibaraki, Japan

Learned Jack Lecocq theatre system from Yasu Ohashi in university.
Enrolled in SEAD(Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance) when he was 25.
After graduation, he has been working in Japan, overseas without being ruled by stereotypes and with the theme such as humanity and interpersonal relationship. 

Chizuru Okada  

Born in 1987 in Osaka, Japan

Studied action in Japan Action Enterprise training institution.
After graduation, she has been performing in a wide variety of genre such as entertainment, underground theater,
comedy and reading live.
Perticipating in UNFIGURE through the works "TOKYO FIGURE" and "Frida in TOKYO".


Shoko Ota


An art project by the collaboration of Shoko Ota, a contemporary dancer, and Keisuke Saito, an actor.

The project studies the inside of human beings and brutality of reality with bodies as “raw material” and aims to expose these things on stage as a communication tool between audiences.

Keisuke Saito
Born in 1982 in Kyoto, Japan
Built up his career as an actor in some theatre companies such as "MODE", "Tokyo Style", "KEN Produce"; he is now get going as a freelance actor. Contributed as a choreographer in "KEN Produce".Associating with theatrical direction in UNFIGURE.

Keisuke Saito         Photo by Takeshi Kanbara

Yasuto Namekawa 


Chizuru Okada                    Photo by Kousuke Enoshita

Shoko Ota

Born in 1982 in Osaka, Japan

Graduated from LABAN Dance Centre London, and had a training of African dance in Ecole des Sables Senegal. After the return to Japan in 2007, she started producing pieces inspired by Francis Bacon.