1992, BACON died

Tick-tack It was passed in '21 from it, but a picture of his left unchanged

2013, both men and women and the world have been around in the side of the BACON

Nevertheless, this is not a distant world.

Bodies are defenseless lonely, but is there unchanged. 



Directed by Shoko Ota

29、31  Aug. 2013 Cafe & Performing Gallery Esorabako
UNFIGURE×Esorabako Dance Festival co-sponsored『Dance・Dance・Dance -Ten to Ten to Ten-』
Performed by Miyuki Fujie Chizuru Okada Ippei Shintaku Naotaka Okamura Shoko Ota
Assistant director & music:Keisuke Saito
Art:Shigeru Tsukahara


Photo by Shigeru Tsukahara