There is no end, no answer and will not be satisfied
Even if the flame burn out, we keep questioning in the thirsty body, and keep going.
"Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?"

Gauguin / OrGan / Heaven

Gauguin Gauguin   Gauguin Gauguin
Photo by Seia Itoh  

Directed by Shoko Ota
Performed by  Chizuru Okada  Mamiko Yamaha  Saki Shibano  Hiroki Sato  Shoko Ota 
Keisuke Saito (performed only 8/22)
Guest Artist: Aiko Obana  Tenmetsu  Miki Hoei  Yukiko Sakata  Manami Tsunoda

21 to 23 Aug. 2015  Cafe & Performing Gallery Esorabako