-How did they get to those extreme situations?

A man is acting. A woman is exposing her body. They are there at the same time.

Two different sensations involved each other and three situations arise in a room.

No matter if we do not want to see or be seen, we can never escape.


Francis Bacon  「Man Carrying A Child (1956)

                           Triptych Inspired by T.S. Eliot's poem"Sweeney Agonistes"」 (1967)

Film 「Her name is Sabine」 Directed bySandrine Bonnaire

「L' Heure bleue」 Written by Edward Gorey



18 April 2009 at SESSION HOUSE Kagurazaka, Tokyo

7 November 2009 at Geijyutu Souzoukan, Osaka

Won a performance award in a competitionCONNECT vol.3

9-11 January 2010 at Seika Theatre Osaka

Performed by Keisuke Saito, Shoko Ota